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Pod Tag Medic 2004

Add, view and modify ID3 tags

With a Windows Explorer style display which provides a directory view of ID3v1 tags, you can quickly and easily find your MP3s for tag editing.

Full editing support for ID3v1 tags with useful multiple edit options, allows you to make changes to multiple tags and then save changes in one click.

Pod Tag Medic 2004 comes with simple effective features such as multi-file swap support for commonly misplaced tag attributes.
Pod Tag Medic 2004

Use the ID3v2 editor for fast and easy ID3v2 tag editing

A Detailed View of ID3v2 tags makes it easier for you to edit the specific part of each tag.

Full editing of all Common Tag Frames supported by ID3v2, so none of your tag information is out of place.

Easy identification of the ID3v2 tagged MP3s from the directory view, copy ID3v1 tag information into your ID3v2 tags.



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