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Ogg Surgeon 2004 Pro

Product Overview

Ogg Surgeon 2004 Pro is a visual Ogg editor which allows you to trim, join and split any number of your Oggs.

Catalog your Oggs into a MS Excel spreadsheet, convert your Oggs into WAV. All of the features work without the need to re-encode your Oggs making editing extremely fast and with no quality loss when editing.

Ogg Surgeon 2004 Pro is the most powerful visual Ogg editor with the largest selection of Ogg tools for all your Ogg editing needs. More...

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  • NEW! Ogg Tag editing support for all the Ogg tools
  • NEW! Catalog your Ogg directories into Microsoft Excel
  • Micro Zoom for accurate editing of your Oggs
  • Visual Waveform display for fast and easy trimming and splitting
  • Split wizard for automatic Ogg splitting
  • Join multiple Oggs of any size together seamlessly
  • Automatic trimming of silence from Oggs
  • No re-encoding needed and no quality loss from editing
  • Convert your Oggs to WAV files for CD Burning
  • Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

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