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MP3 Surgeon 2004 Pro


"have just purchased you program and ran all my mp3s thru it, one thing to say, brilliant, thank you"
- Mark

"I've really found the MP3 Surgeon useful and have been using it a great deal... ...thanks much for a fun and productive program!"
- Rich

"I explored several applications similar to MP3 Surgeon, and came to the conclusion that your product is far superior to your competitors. I am a proud owner of your product..."
- Chad

"As a HipZip owner your software is unique in that I can easily fill a Zipdisk to max with little waste. It works great cutting up huge Audio Book files..."
- Lennard

"This product is impressive. I have used the shareware versions of Blaze Media Pro and Supersonic but MP3 Surgeon is by far the fastest product at loading and saving large MP3 files."
- Les

"BTW, I must tell you that MP3 Surgeon is by far the best mp3 editor I have tried. One simple thing that stands out is speed. I have tried many others and when dealling with my big 30/45 minute mp3s they usually take quite a long time (10/15 minutes), Mp3 surgeon handles the same files in less then a minute! :)))."
- Jim

"I love making my own CD's,, and I use all of Mp3 Surgeon's functions all the time. Just thought I'd let you know! Cheerio."
- Liam

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